Circle of the Crone

Has a strong power base because of the powerful elder Hlari and their tendency to keep to themselves.


The most numerous and influential covenant in Cologne.

Lancea Sanctum

Once held the most influence, but is now dwindling. The previous Prince had been of the Lancea Sanctum before being caught in such great scandal that they were put to death. Not a pleasant subject among the older kindred.

Ordo Dracul

A new covenant that is still unheard of in much of the world and where it has popped up tends to be shut down by those who don’t wish to see any challengers to the established power structures. (Contact GM privately if you wish to be a member of this covenant)


More common in Cologne than many other towns. Perhaps this is because there are no other options besides the Invictus if you don’t care for the piety of the Lancea Sanctum or the mysticism of the Circle of the Crone.

The Carthians do not yet exist as a covenant.


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